Myagi: Bass Weaponry

128 hard-hitting bass patches for FXpansion’s DCAM Synth Squad.



FXpansion is proud to present Myagi: Bass Weaponry, a collection of 128 hard-hitting bass presets for DCAM: Synth Squad. Created for Fusor by producer/remixer Myagi, Bass Weaponry is full of immense low-frequency goodness that is suitable for all kinds of electronic, dance and pop music.

Some of Bass Weaponry’s highlights include chorded progressive house basses, wobble basses for electro and dubstep, huge subs, hoovers and acid squelches, as well as layered sounds that defy description. Bass Weaponry also contains a special selection of bass sounds which were used on Myagi’s acclaimed Ape and Essence and Big Beat Demolished releases.

Bass Weaponry’s sounds are created in Fusor using Strobe, Cypher, Amber and additional FX. They contain extensive mapping of the performance and macro controls to synthesis and FX parameters to provide a suite of playable, expressive bass timbres.