About the Mix – Myagi at 10

It’s really hard to pin down how I feel about a 10 year anniversary….happy?

Yeah of course.

Proud? Sure.

It’s more than that though. It’s literally a third of my life. It’s been a decade of huge privilege – 10 years of being able to gestate, conceive and create tunes that have soundtracked some of the best nights of my life.

Again: it’s been a huge privilege.

When I first started writing electronic music, I had no stylistic aims at all. I literally knew nothing of the genres I was dabbling in. One magazine which has since given me a two page spread reviewed my early material (and by that I mean 1997-era) with the comment “give it a rest.” I was sort of bummed out about that at first but, to be honest, that review has always been one of my biggest inspirations. The easiest way to get me to do something is to tell me I can’t.

I’ve been lucky enough with this gig to have it take me to places I’d never imagined I would get to in life. I’ve seen sunrises on almost every ocean, and more raucous house parties than I’ll ever be able to remember.

Most important of all, I’ve been able to meet people who knew me through music and watch those relationships evolve into friendships. I’ve been able to work with guys who were my idols as a kid, getting asked to remix tracks that I used to listen to in high school – a dream and honour if there ever was one.

Anyway – those are my thoughts on the first 10 years. It sort of seemed fitting as I’m getting primed to put out my next album to take stock of where I was at a decade ago, where I’m at now, and how this crazy thing even happened in the first place.

Andrew Mavor, 2012

Track list:

Myagi – The Mothra Shuffle – West
Myagi – Wish You Well – 2Wars
Myagi – Release The hounds – Splank
Myagi – Skank-o-matic – Howlin
Myagi – Speakerhumper – Pop and Lock
Myagi – Dirty Girls (Meta.Dj Mashup) – Free Download
Myagi – Cure For Pain – Splank
8 Ball – Stiletto (Myagi Remix) – Point Red
Myagi – Absent From Skull – Fight Club
Lunar Shift – Again And Again (Myagi Remix) – 192K
Myagi – Giorgio Marauder (Fight Club)
Reix – Electrofunk (Myagi Remix) – Release Records
The Crystal method – High roller (Myagi Remix) – Universal
Sole Claw – Goth Chick Hand Job – Pure Phunk
Myagi – Warehouse Bounce – Pop and Lock
Myagi – This Will Make You Jump (ft Chickaboo) – Pop and Lock
Long Range – Dispel The Clouds (Myagi Remix) – Pop and Lock
Myagi – Staring At The Sun – Howlin

Making of the Dirty Girls Mashup

Some old school freebies from the Archive!

5 Ancient tracks from a derelict drive – sorry for the 128′s but thats all there is – download em if you like! These are 5 of the first Myagi tracks ever written, and are experimental to say the least – they were written on an AKAI MPC2000xl, a Fender P-Bass, an acoustic guitar, a Roland SH-7 and a 486 running Propellerheads Rebirth…..I still use all of this stuff today.