Canada’s Myagi is one of the world’s more accomplished party rockers, expertly blending a mix of party breaks, electro, techno and mash-up and letting it loose on the dance floor.

Constantly playing sold out venues across his native country, he also makes a-list stops at top clubs in China, Australia, Korea, the UK, France, Portugal, and many more, spending an average of 6 months a year on the road and playing for crowds ranging from a few hundred to ten thousand.

The past few years have seen Myagi drop his unique blend of dance floor funk in many bizarre locations, including an ice breaking vessel in Paris’s river Seine, a closed off restaurant high above Hong Kong’s Lan Kwai Fong road, a 50 foot incandescent snail in the mountainous interior of Portugal, and a museum in the Yukon (the opening act was a brass swing band).

At the same time, he has rocked legendary clubs such as London’s Fabric, Toronto’s Guvernment, San Francisco’s Mighty, Sydney’s Chinese Laundry and Shanghai’s Babyface. His festival and club stops around North America are the stuff of legend.

It’s in the studio however that Myagi has had his most important successes. Selling thousands upon thousands of units, he has had close to 50 odd releases (both originals and remixes) published, including his much-lauded artist album “3 Years Of Sunrise” which got a whopping “4.5 / 5” – and called a masterpiece to boot – in the scene defining publication DJ Mag.

His original material has been remixes by such artists as the Utah Saints (whose “Something Good” re-release was the top played track on BBC One in 2008), Ex-Skint Records heavyweights Cut La Roc and the Lo-Fidelity Allstars, and gods of the underground like Malente, Slyde, Splitloop, Atomic Hooligan, Zero B, and many others.

Myagi himself has been called in to add his remix touch to tracks by such artists as The Crystal Method, Orbital, Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker, The Dub Pistols, Ursula 1000, Maestro Fresh Wes, Carole Pope and many more. His remix of The Crystal Method’s “High Roller” was one the most popular tracks on the deluxe edition of their seminal album “Vegas,” and was praised by critics as one of standouts of the pack, which included remixes by Paul Oakenfold, Deadmau5, and many more. It was then picked up and used in the 2008 Hollywood blockbuster “Push.”

Myagi’s music has seen play across the board from the mainstream to the underground. His music has been on a wide variety of media, from video games to television shows (including multiple placements on “America’s Next Best Dance Crew”), from underground radio to 70 min showcases on stations like the BBC, JJJ, CBC, RRR, Kiss FM, etc. Dj’s supporting Myagi material include Pete Tong, The Crystal Method, Utah Saints, Plump Djs, Japanese Popstars, The Scumfrog, DJ Dan, etc.

He has been featured / interviewed in many print magazines and newspapers, including Computer Music, DJ Mag, Mixmag, M8, Urb, XLR8R, and dozens of daily and weekly print sources.


Founded in 2008, Myagi’s Pop And Lock imprint has made big waves in a short time. Focused on quality electronic music and eschewing genres, the label has been applauded by many of the most influential artists in the history of electronic music for its forward thinking approach and its variety of styles.
The label has released music by Myagi, The Root Sellers, Nick Thayer, Si Begg, Vespers, Christoph Maitland, Freedom Danish, Ill. Gates, Malente, General Midi, Groove Diggerz, Cut La Roc, Toby Emerson, Farace and more….

 Myagi Discography

Myagi – The 57 Chevy / The Mothra Shuffle (inc Slyde Remix) – West Records
Myagi – Bring Me All Your Beer And Women (inc Scissorkicks remix) – WOMP!
Myagi – Cure For Pain / Release The Hounds (inc Darphtfunk remix) – Splank!
Myagi – Dirty Girls (inc Atomic Hooligan remix) – Money Shot Recordings
Myagi – Funkgrinder (inc Dopamine Remix) – Fight Club
Myagi – Absent From Skull (inc Splitloop Remix) – Fight Club
Myagi – Drumtown (inc Lo-Fidelity Allstars Remix) – Westway
Myagi – How To Test (inc Ill Gates, Nick Thayer and Cut La Roc remixes) – Pop And Lock
Myagi – The Heat / Fireball – Pop And Lock
Myagi – Thug / Year Of The Gun – Pop And Lock
Myagi ft Root Sellers – Rock One (inc Utah Saints + Zero B remixes) – Westway
Myagi – 3 Years Of Sunrise (Artist Album) – Howlin’ / Pop And Lock
Sole Claw – Boombox / Smartbomb – Pure Phunk Recordings *appears on Plump DJ’s album “Saturday Night Lotion” on Fingerlickin’ Records

Remix Work

Sgt Rock – No Skool (Myagi Remix) – Splank
The (An)Architects – Rock Is My DJ (Myagi Remix) – Mantra
Malente – Like A Freek (Myagi Remix) – Unique
Maestro Fresh Wes – Heatseekaz (Myagi Remix) – Pure Phunk Recordings
Crystal Method – High Roller (Myagi Remix) – Universal Records (as used the the movie Push)
U.S.S. – Laces Out (Myagi Remix)
Orbital – Halcyon (Myagi Remix)
Ursula 1000 – Urgent / Anxious (Myagi Remix) – ESL
Chris Joss – I Want Freedom (Myagi Remix) – ESL
Kickflip – Wonky Science (Myagi Remix) – Breakin’ Even
Dub Pistols – Running From My Thoughts (Myagi Remix) – Sunday Best
Soul Of Man – Foxy Moron (Myagi Remix) – It’s Good For The Soul
Young Nutz – Smokin (Myagi Remix) – Wonked!

A quick performance using Soundtrends “Meta.Dj” for the ipad